Heartiest will to know God

My Heatiest Will to know God

Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience are well proved and I hope physics, trignometry and Tensor mathematics will be able to define God whithin a few decades. But I am greedy to see it before my death. These 3 dimensions are not complete beause Consciouseness is not defined by these 3 dimensions. There are creation of long waves creating effect of electromagnetic waves and there are vibrations at Plank's length scale which create effect of matter. Combination of long wave and small vibration creat effect of motion. Challenge is to define decision process of God. We are familiar with only neural or electronic circuitary for decision making. But God has decision making system at whole universe level and also at Plank's length scale. Charls Darvin called this as Natural Selection and he did not dared to go deeper. But I will go deeper and deeper and I hope to find words to define Cosmic Intelligence.